Kodi is an entertainment hub that brings all your video content and other digital media together in one place. There are loads of add-ons that you can install that can improve your experience as you use Kodi. In this article, we will go over 10 of the best add-ons to try in 2019. We will also discuss some security tips that will help you make the most of your Kodi experience.

Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon is an add-on from the Supremacy Repository. With this add-on, you’ll gain access to a fantastic movie and TV show categories, like sports, music, kids, documentaries, people watching, and more. The great thing about Magic Dragon is that the content is well-rounded so everybody will find content that suits their taste.


Exodus is now on its eighth version. This wonderful Kodi add-on plays both movies and TV shows. What we love about Exodus is the format is well laid out. The add-on isn’t maintained as frequently as it used to be, but it is still one of the best.

YouTube Music

This is one of the best music-centric add-ons for Kodi. We love it because we can use the add-on to stream just about any song under the sun. It is generally more reliable than other music add-ons like Billboard or iTunes. It also has more variety. If you want to watch music videos or turn your device into a portable DJ, this add-on will do the trick.

Playlist Loader

This add-on is great for those looking to access live IPTV channels. Playlist Loader does not contain any media in itself. Instead, it allows you to load M3U playlist files. This is useful because live TV on Kodi has always been tricky, but this makes it much easier. Live TV on Kodi largely relies on links. But these links change so frequently it becomes hard to keep up. M3U playlists, on the other hand, are updated regularly. This streamlines the process tremendously.

Maverick TV

Maverick TV is another popular add-on we love. The add-on is updated regularly and has a great variety. You’ll find videos that are relics, as well as a lot of 4K content. While the name suggests it’s just for TV programs, you will also find movies on here as well. You can even find box sets on here.

Movie Theater Butter

This add-on is from the Diamond Wizard Repo and is a fork of Incursion. The add-on will find the best link for you and then play the movie automatically. You can also have it provide you with a long list of links that you can then go through and choose from. We like that the links are mostly all updated.

13 Clowns

The 13 Clowns add-on is broken down into sections, including cartoons, documentaries, movies, and TV shows. Like Movie Theater Butter, links can be set to autoplay, or you can get lists of links that you can choose from. It is one of the newest add-ons, but it is already one of our favourites.

Tubi TV

With this add-on, you can play movies and TV with one-click. The variety isn’t as good as some of the other ones. There aren’t many new movies or shows, but there are plenty of older shows that you can watch. What we do like about it, though, is that it is super fast and reliable.


Deceit is a Kodi add-on that has movies and TV shows. The titles are really easy to find because the add-on is well-organized. There is also a section for Live TV. In addition to movies and TV, Deceit has anime, cartoons, radio, podcasts, and more. We like that it is so well-rounded. It’s an all-in-one entertainment stop.


Another all-in-one entertainment add-on is Supremacy. Supremacy features 4K, sports, TV shows, movies, documentaries, box sets, and more. If you’re in the one-click to play area, click on a title, and Supremacy will find the best link and automatically play it for you.

How to Use Kodi Safely

Kodi gives you unprecedented convenience when it comes to enjoying media. Unfortunately, it isn’t always safe to use. Kodi, itself, is completely legal. But some of the content that Kodi allows you to access can be pirated. You run the risk of breaking copyright laws. In worst case scenarios, you could end up paying a fine or even wind up in jail. To eliminate this risk, use a VPN when using Kodi. Read more about the right here: https://vpnpro.com/best-vpn-for-kodi/

A VPN will hide your identity and your location. All your online activity will go through a highly encrypted tunnel, so there is no way anyone will be able to track you. This will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of Kodi without any of the risks.

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