Are you struggling to find motivation? It’s totally fine to take some time to relax and take a break from studying.

Every student occasionally groans over their homework or test they have to study for. You feel like college is taking the life out of you. Yet, you still need to focus on your studies and find motivation for the upcoming assignments.

How about watching some inspiring movies with your closest pals?

To help keep your mind focused, we gathered a list of the most entertaining movies for students to encourage to work hard at your studies. These motivating movies will make you more interested in studying.

1. Good Will Hunting

When talking about motivational movies, the one that instantly pops into our minds is Good Will Hunting. Students often postpone their assignments or avoid studying for their tests because they don’t trust their abilities.

It’s the same story here; a janitor who works at MIT is incredibly gifted, but he does not trust his own abilities. This movie will help you overcome your insecurities and make you believe in yourself. If you are looking for the best ACT prep course, check out the best ACT prep websites.

2. School of Rock

A must-see movie that you will definitely enjoy. School of Rock represents the story of a teacher that uses some unconventional methods of teaching. With Led Zeppelin riffs and his crazy passion for music, he transforms the class of unhappy students into a group of rock musicians. If you want to find out about the top 10 next-gen innovations in education sphere, you can find more info here.

3. Freedom Writers

Finding it hard to study? It’s time for Freedom Writers, the perfect movie for all students who were struggling in their early stages of learning. A young teacher encourages her students to apply and pursue further education, reminding them of the ultimate goal of their studies.

4. Dead’s Poet Society

This movie will teach you why you should study; why working hard will help you get success in life. It will also help you reach your goals and you will learn why it’s important to get support from your friends and mentors. A high school English teacher helps his students become who they want to be and follow their dreams.

5. Rudy

If you ever feel like nobody believes in you, not even your parents then it’s time for Rudy. Rudy wants to play football at the University of Notre Dame, but nobody supports and encourages him to pursue his dream through health and fitness. Despite all hardships and obstacles, he finally reaches his goal. If you want to find out more about the benefits of gaming in education, you can find more info here.

6. Legally Blonde

This movie will teach you about hard work and persistence, overcoming the obstacles that come in your way and breaking the barriers. It showcases the story of a woman who is objectified and decides to study hard and prove she’s worthier than her pretty face.

7. Idiots

Idiots is a great example of how some students choose the wrong careers due to parental pressure. The movie represents a real-life situation of some study who study engineering because of their parents, whereas one student goes against all the obstacles and break down the barriers.

8. The Great Debaters

If you have the potential but need some motivation this is the right movie for you. A professor inspires his students to face Harvard University at the debating championships. This movie is especially important for students who want to teach or train others.

9. 21

21, a movie based on a real-life situation, showcases a gifted student who got a Harward scholarship. However, his professors believe he lacks the necessary skills, so he tries hard to prove them they are wrong.

10. St. Elmo’s Fire

About to finish your degree and get a job, but don’t feel motivated? Watch this movie and find out what will happen if you don’t study. St.Elmo’s Fire talks about a gang of graduate students who don’t know what to do with their lives and regret some of their decisions in college.


Movies are a great way to make students learn because they can relate to real-life situations. Every student wants to feel motivated and inspired and movies are a great example of how they can follow their dreams and achieve significant education goals.

First Published on: 16:25 pm - 22, Jul 2020
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