Paintball is an amazing sport full of entertainment brimming us with enthusiasm. It is really fun and can be much more if you will follow these tips for your first paintball game:

1. It is okay to be afraid and nervous on your first game but heroism is all about conquering it. To a savvy and smart person, a flock of sheepish sheep led by ferocious lion is much intimidating than a pride of lion led by a shy sheep. Don’t be afraid and be smart while playing.

2. For greed, all nature is too little. It is the pathway to annihilation and beginners usually fell for it by tempting themselves to collect either dropped or already fired pellets because of the gelatin shell around which quickly absorbs water and become soft pellets and hence, would not fit into the barrel or can even jam it.

3. The importance of plans and strategies is known since time immemorial. Humongous battles have been won and lost due to the strategic difference. Brain always has an upper hand over strength irrespective of the conditions. Follow the plans closely but if situation demands, make required small changes because that is what is an expectation from a witty person eager to win.

4. Move according to the field setup and strategy involved. Going too close to the enemy out of excitement to eliminate him can eliminate you out as you can be spotted easily. Similarly, remaining at the same position as well will hurt you and can end you up on the losing side.

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5. Over enthusiasm is really tricky. While playing, keep it in mind not to show yourself much to the opponents because you may get on their eye and can be targeted so strongly from where the return would be inconceivable. Hiding is not always a coward move to be seen as. Hide on demand and win ahead!

6. Keeping communication active with your teammates during the team event in paintballing is very essential. It keeps you and your team updated, even about the changes done or to be made, however small. But make sure to not just keep communication, rather smart communication in which keeping yourself out of enemy’s sight is important.

7. The paintball has two fates after covering you with paint while hitting – either it will break which implies that the player being hit is out from the game or it can bounce which implies your continued survival in the game. The first timers can misunderstand the hit and claim themselves out. So, do check with the referee in case of any confusion.

8. Arm yourself properly. Recheck the paintball gun to be used and make sure that it doesn’t run out of gas. Always wear the face mask. Gloves and other safety pads must be worn along all the time because at the end of the day your safety is the priority.

9. Paintballing is all about aiming your opponents properly to shoot them out of the game. As first timers, your aim can be a bit shabby, so try and improve it. Aim sharp, shoot hard, knock them all out!

10. Winning or losing will not matter if you played your heart out. At the end of the business it’s all about how much you enjoyed. Keep things simple. Keep yourself relaxed and enjoy the game to have actual fun!

Follow these tips and be among the ones to top the game, not just the game but your very first game!

Go confident, go wreck, go paintballing!

First Published on: 13:03 pm - 1, Jun 2019
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