Actors and Celebrities are some of the richest people in the world. Whether its Hollywood stars or Bollywood, the amount of money they make is huge. And a lot of these celebrities love to do a lot of charity with revenue they earn. Today we are talking about 3 most generous celebrities of the world.

#1 Salman Khan

This list has to start with Salman Khan. The actor was accused in multiple criminal cases over a decade ago. Since then he has been repairing his image as a generous and kind man through his charity – Being Human. This charity of Salman Khan has done a lot of good in the welfare of poor people across India. He helps children with surgeries, hospital bills and a lot more.

Being Human has also become a Fashion Brand now, which generates a lot of income that directly goes to the charitable branch of this charity. Salman Khan may work with an African charity in the future as well.

#2 Oprah Winfrey

Who isn’t familiar with this name? She has defined the women’s revolution and become one of the most powerful women past 2 generations. But did you know, that she has donated millions to charities? This billionaire has donated more than a few hundred million dollars to charities. Her most recent contribution was to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, where she was one of the first to donate $10 Million to speed up the relief efforts. She actively works with many African charities as well.

#3 George Clooney

Along with his wife, George Clooney founded a trust to help marginalized communities who are targetted by hate across the world. Amal is a well known human rights lawyer who has dedicated her life advocating for refugees. They recently donated around half a million dollars to the March for our Rights campaign, which brought them back into the headlines.

If this post has encouraged you to make a donation, then we recommend you to donate to the best African charity right now.

First Published on: 00:40 am - 14, Apr 2019
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