In the movie world, different actors and actress explore their fashion style on various occasions. However, some actors have made their identity for wearing funny clothing. These actors have become so much popular for their weird dressing style that many jokes and memes about them are doing rounds of the internet on a mass rate. In this post, we have discussed the list of three actors from Hollywood and Bollywood which would give you a big dose of laughter.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is one of the most energetic as well as the funny actors in Bollywood. Not only is he popular for his superb acting but he has also become popular all over the world for his funny clothing style. You can see him wearing a funny t-shirt with humorous content on many occasions. Even on his wedding with the Bollywood actress, he wore a Lehenga and came into limelight in very less time. Ranveer has set his own clothing style and he enjoys making people laugh with his funny clothing style. Even many kids and youngsters take inspiration from him and wore a t-shirt with some funny custom content on it.


The veteran Bollywood actor, Govinda is another celebrity who is popular for his funny clothing. Govinda has gained popularity for his excellent dialogue delivery, comedy and dance steps. And one more thing which helps him win people’s heart is his funny looks which come after wearing weird clothes on many occasions. From t-shirt to sarees, Govinda has made people laugh many times with his funny attires. He had worn funny colorful clothes in many of his movies and received positive compliments from his fans.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra who has impressed everyone with his glamorous looks in both Bollywood, as well as Hollywood, is another actress to join the list of actors with funny clothing. Various times Priyanka Chopra had worn funny dresses for which people made a lot of fun of her. Once, he wore a dress on Oscars with the star-like appearance and another time, she was spotted on the carpet wearing a long dress which spread on a large portion of floors. Recently, Priyanka again came into news for his MetGala Outfit and people made fun of him as she had a funny dress on her body and her hairs looked like the nest of birds.

First Published on: 17:00 pm - 8, May 2019
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