Seems like having good looks and biceps are not the only attractive features when it comes to actors. People are now going gaga over their beards.

There was a time when keeping a beard was kind of discouraged. People used to love clean shave chocolaty look. But the time has drastically changed now. While clean shaved men are still adorable, beard men are considered hot! And that is the reason why more and more actors are going behind keeping a very beardy look.

Having a hipster kind of beard look has become a trend worldwide. Be it Bollywood actors, or Hollywood, or any other movie industry. Actors are widely celebrating their beard days. And the most shocking thing is that having a bushy face has become so much popular and in-trend, that many actors are even going for beard transplants.

In this post, we will talk about such 5 celebrities, whose beard looks are extremely famous in the whole world.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is extremely famous for his funky clothes and heavy beard styles. He is probably one of those people who will always go out of what others follow. And that has kept him popular among the masses and media. Ranveer has a habit of keeping extremely heavy beard most of the time. And truly, that looks so sexy on him.

The biggest example of his sexy, hot, bearded look is his role in Padmaavat. Ranveer as Alauddin Khilji has been a gift to the grooming world. With the heavy beard, scars, hairstyle and what not, he looks extremely dashing, even when he is the villain.

Leonardo Dicaprio

That goatee on his face has been the most attractive feature of this widely popular celebrity. He is perhaps one of the very few actors, who have made this goatee look extremely popular. And you must have to agree with me, he looks extremely sexy in that beard style. Leonardo really knows how to grow a beard well. His beard is truly a plus point in his overall personality.

Chris Evans

Currently rising high on Avengers stardom, Captain America is an epitome of hotness for all the people in this world. Mostly popular for his clean shaved look. Evans look dashing and daper even when he is supporting a very heavy beard. With or without a beard, this actor is always a treat to watch.

First Published on: 00:43 am - 9, Oct 2018
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