We all are aware of Bollywood actors who are world famous. No matter their movies go hit at box office or flop. They will constantly find love in the hearts of their fans.

But did they get all this fame and money right from the starting? Literally NO.

Those who are at the heights today, have struggled deeply to make their mark. Some had to mortgage their properties to meet their needs, while some had to sleep on footpaths to get some sleep. Hope you never get the need to do any such action, but if at all needed, you can check biweekly mortgage calculator to stay updated and get the best deal.

Here we will talk about some of those Bollywood actors who have struggled financially when they were just beginning their career.

Shah Rukh Khan

You need not even think of other actors when you talk about such an issue. The struggles of Shah Rukh Khan are well known by all the people. His love for Gauri Khan, fight for her hand in marriage, entering the Bollywood industry, sleeping on footpath, and so on. The whole world knows how he struggled for a single penny when he was at the start of his career.

He used to travel by local trains, sometimes without ticket. He used to sleep on night stands on footpath and parks. It was long after that he got his major break, from where his career took off its flight. Had he given up that time, we wouldn’t see a popular and loving actor today.


Another biggest actor of today, Rajinikanth is also no behind in the list of struggling actors. He is the biggest actor of South India at the moment. But in the start, even he went through a lot of hardships. There was once a time when he used to work odd jobs like that of carpenter, coolie, bus conductor, and so on, just to meet his needs.

Going from zero to hero, this is the Rajinikanth that struggles and hardships have given you.


This “He Man of India” is also a man carved out of deep struggles. Before becoming popular in the Bollywood industry, Dharmendra used to work as a plumber to meet his needs. There were even times when he didn’t have sufficient money to even fill his stomach. But he didn’t give up. And today we see a major star in this He Man.

First Published on: 10:37 am - 10, Nov 2018
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