Every celeb has some or the other loving possession which he or she loves to express in front of everyone. And why only celebs, every human being has that kind of possession.

Here we are talking about pets, more specifically dogs. Almost every celebrity has love for dogs. Some like to shower that in front of everyone, while some like to keep that love limited only to himself and his dog. But in every situation, they will be found cuddling their dogs and spending a cherishable time with them. Different celebrities have different dog breeds.

Some of the popular celebs who adore their dogs to no extent are listed here.

Salman Khan

The bhai of Bollywood is not just famous for his humanitarian efforts and his chain of clothing, Being Human. He is also popular for the love he has for his dogs, who are more closer to him than his family. He started with 2 French Mastiffs, named Myson and Myjaan, which died in 2009. Later he brought home a cute Neapolitan Mastiff, whom he named MyLove.

He was often found spending his time with My Love and posting her pictures on Instagram and other social media handles. But recently in October, even My Love took her last breath, leaving the star shattered.

Priyanka Chopra

PC has always been making rounds in the news for some or the other reason. Be it her Hollywood projects, Bharat headlines, philanthropy works, entering the director zone, or her marriage to Nick Jonas, she has been a continuous favorite pick of the media. At present, she is a proud owner of her cute little bitch, Diana.

The reason she was attracted to Diana at the first place was the way she kept snuggling to the actress when she met her for the first time. She also had a dog, whom she named Brando. But the dog recently passed away, leaving the actress in grief.

John Abraham

John’s love for bikes is known to the entire world. But he is also crazy for his 2 cute dogs, one of which is named Bailey. He even has an Instagram account for that dog. Both John and his wife, Priya are dog lovers and keep posting pictures of their cute little happy family on Instagram and other social media accounts.

First Published on: 02:44 am - 20, Nov 2018
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