Bollywood movies leave some important lessons for people to learn and implement in their lives. Out of all the important life lessons, Hindi movies teach many important aspects of parenting. Those lessons if implemented could help to raise children in an excellent way and contribute to the right development of their character. In this post, we have enlisted 3 Bollywood movies about parenting which every parent should watch to improve their parenting skills.

Taare Zameen Par

Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par is based on the poor education system and throws light on the mistakes parents make while upbringing their children. A child actor, Darsheel Safari made his debut in the Hindi film industry with this movie. He played the character of Ishaan had his own imaginative world and he was excellent in arts. But his parents keep on forcing him to do excellent work in academics. Ever since Ishaan was a toddler, his brother used to take care of him and his mother had bought a stroller for him from to help him enjoy. This movie highlights that every parent should understand the interest of their child and refrain from forcing him to study the subject the other children do.

3 Idiots

3 Idiots is a movie based on the life of an engineering student and the challenges one encounters during this phase. It shows that parents should not set too high expectations for their children regarding the choice of a career. Also, it shows that parents should not pamper their children so much that they lose the sense of fear regarding their care. Parents should also support children in handling peer-pressure which sprouts from a comparison in the society. The example of Farhan Qureshi shows that no matter how much you earn but you should definitely enjoy your work.


Lakshya movie stars Hrithik Roshan who was a pampered boy and not interested in studies. He used to face criticism from his parents as well as his girlfriend. The important lesson in the movie for parents is to understand the interest of their child and let him choose his career with his own will. Also, every parent should believe in his child and support him in studies as well as a career choice.

First Published on: 18:31 pm - 14, Mar 2019
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