Every movie industry gets to see many flops and many hit movies. Though the governing factor should be the type of content these movies have to portray, it is seldom based on that. Whether a movie goes hit or flop, majority of the credit goes to its marketing.

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Here are some of the movies which definitely did not succeed much on the Box Office, all due to the poor publicity. If looked at otherwise, these movies had excellent content which make them popular even today.


Swades is one of the movies which had everything to become a block buster. A mind blowing storyline, Shah Rukh Khan, super logical, and what not. But there was no glam factor present in the movie. This, combined with lack of sufficient marketing and promotion, took it downhill at the box office. But years later, when we recall this classic cult, it is regarded as one of the best movies of Shah Rukh Khan’s career.


This is another one of the Bollywood movies that failed to impress the audience due to poor marketing. Featuring Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta, this has been one of the best performances of both the actors so far. Yet it failed at the box office.

One of the factors which might have worked against the movie is its length. 3 hours of movie did not fit well with many people, which in turn led to the negative publicity. Had the movie been marketed well, this issue might have never risen.

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye

Starring Abhay Deol and Richa Chadha, this movie failed to make its mark at the box office. It was released just before Dev D came out in the theatres, again starring Abhay Deol, and that movie was a great hit. Richa Chadha also went to on to win National Awards at the later stage in her career. Both these excellent stars featured in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, and still it did not go well.

Probably people were not aware of how excellent the stars were. And hence, despite having an amazing story, which makes this movie popular even today among the people, it failed to impress the audience at that point of time.

First Published on: 12:26 pm - 3, Feb 2019
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