Bollywood has given us numerous fabulous movies over the time. While many of them are entertaining, some of them are exceptionally good, teaching several lessons in life.

Since the movies are so good, many people have a habit of taking out their print outs and putting them on their room walls or office walls. Even you can do that with some of the great movies which we are going to talk about in this article. Besides this, you can even print out a brochure and share it with your friends about which movies are the best and worth investing time in. And for that, there are numerous cheap brochure design and printing options available all over the internet.

Pick out one for yourself and get started with the printing and pasting. Here are some of the movies worth considering.


When we talk about printing a movie poster, how can we ignore the classics of all time?

Sholay is one of the most popular Bollywood movies of the golden era, which people of today’s time also love to the core. Having this poster on your walls will give you an amazing feel of being transported to that time. This movie also has some of the amazing timeless dialogues which give justice to the epic drama that this movie was.

For example, Gabbar’s dialog – “YE HAATH HUMKO DE DE THAKUR!” is humorously used even today. Another one, “KITNE AADMI THE?” is also very popular with people today. So overall, this movie deserves a chance to go on walls as a poster.

3 Idiots

This is the first 200 crore film to start the chain of several other movies in this suit. Aamir Khan starrer 3 idiots got love from each and every person. And that is the reason why we are including this movie in our list. 3 Idiots is definitely worth mentioning and printing out.

Along with being a successful movie, this movie also gave some amazing friendship goals which many friends can’t stop recalling. So if you are a person valuing friendship a lot, then this is the perfect poster to adorn your walls.

Chak De India

An immensely motivational movie!

Chak De India gives you some strong motivation to achieve your goals and come out victoriously. Hence taking out a poster of this movie and posting it on the walls which you see more often is the perfect step to take. That 70 minute speech which Shah Rukh Khan gave during the end of the movie is the biggest motivation one can ever get.

So get going and take out print outs of these few movies to post on your walls.

First Published on: 12:34 pm - 26, Mar 2019
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