People who are skilled painters, can paint any and everything they see around them. Be it a picturesque scenery, people standing far away, still portrait, or even some movie scene.

Yes, there are such painters as well who can carve out a beautiful duplicate of a movie scene. In Bollywood, there are numerous scenes from the movies that definitely deserve being taken down on the canvas. And all the credit goes to the directors and writers who thought of such direction for their movies. But why only Bollywood? Hollywood too has many great writers, but Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts probably top the list.

But here we will be focusing on scenes from the Bollywood movies. These scenes can be taken as an inspiration by upcoming painters.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Romance

Well, if Shah Rukh Khan is popular in this world, then that is for his on screen romance. Give him any movie and any actress, he will make you believe in love with his realistic love expressions.

So pick out any of his romantic movies, for example Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge for starters which is counted as the best romantic movie of this era, and try sketching any of your favorite scene from the movie. This movie is full of marvelous scenes from people to places. You will get everything you need in just that 1 scene of the movie.

Salman Khan’s Tashan

If SRK is famous for romance, then Salman Khan is famous for his Tashan. Most of his movies show his chiseled body and abs, making both men and women drool for him. And the way he presents himself in the movie, with full vigor, energy, and attitude, it would be lovely to draw those same expressions on your canvas.

Not only will your talent be shown clearly in your paintings, but people are also going to love your choice. One popular movie which you can browse for the scenes is Ek Tha Tiger. This movie will give you excellent selection.

Brothers for Gym Freaks

If you are a fitness freak, then the movie Brothers will greatly inspire you. Both Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra did a great deal with the movie, and you are going to love every fighting scene of the film. Painting those abs and curves is really difficult, and with your sketching and painting of the scenes, you will be able to prove your talent.

If you have just started this amazing passion of yours, then instead of going with live people, you can first try your hand at some of these scenes from the movies. These can be counted as the original paintings for sale, giving you a great chance to earn from this budding passion.

First Published on: 23:30 pm - 1, Dec 2018
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