Khan has been in Bollywood for over 3 decades now. And with his deep performance, style, looks and attitude, he has won the hearts of not only millions of fans, but also some brand endorsements too. There are so many companies who are looking forward to make Shah Rukh Khan as their brand ambassador.

When it comes to advertising, Shah Rukh Khan has made a very respectable position in this world. From soft drink, to laptop, and to automobile, Shah Rukh Khan has worked with several brands. Let’s look at some of the brands which the popular romantic Bollywood actor endorsed.


So far, a lot of celebrities have endorsed the brand of Pepsi. And Shah Rukh Khan is also one of them. Out of all, he has been the most iconic associations loved by people. And together, they have given numerous, unforgettable ad campaigns. Some of the popular Pepsi campaigns with Shah Rukh Khan are:

  • Oye Bubly
  • Aah, Yeh Dil Maange More

I am sure you all must remember these ads that once telecasted on our television sets.

HP Compaq

He has also been the brand ambassador of Hewlett Packard (HP). More specifically, he endorses HP’s Compaq brand of laptops. With this laptop, Khan run the campaign, “Kal Tumhara Hai”, which aimed at educating the people. This HP Laptop was viewed as the empowerment tool to provide more knowledge to the people, hence grow better.

By associating with HP Compaq, Khan felt wonderful. But at the same time, he also made clear that he will stay open to as many brand endorsements as possible.


For almost 2 decades, Shah Rukh Khan has been the endorser of this brand. Hyundai came in India with Santro. This was the very first car that the company launched here. And Shah Rukh Khan became the brand ambassador of Hyundai with this car itself. It was in 1998 when this journey of endorsement began with Shah Rukh Khan. And since then, he had endorsed several other cars from Hyundai Motors.

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