Every person has some or the other hobby. But what makes that quality amazing is when the hobby is something unique.

Some people like to listen music, some like to play sports. Some are addicted to betting (from sites like Satta King) while some like to spend time in casinos. There are also people who like to dance or skate. If you also love to skate, then you must check out the best electric skateboards on Skates Radar.

But leaving aside these common hobbies, if someone comes and say that their hobby is watching birds and finding patterns, won’t you be surprised? Or, if someone says he or she loves to check sites like Satta King from time to time, what would be your reaction?

Here, I will be talking about few of the celebrities who have similar such surprising hobbies. Let’s hop in and check the list. Who knows even you might feel motivated to have a try at that hobby.

Shah Rukh Khan

Before reading ahead, what do you think can be the unique hobby of the King Khan?

Well if you guessed or not, he is a complete gadget freak. Whenever any new gadget releases in the market, Shah Rukh Khan has to buy that anyhow. Moreover, he even wishes to have one cloning gadget too. Although this is nothing out of the box or mind boggling. But the extent to which the actor can go to get the gadget can be really amazing.

Did you know, he has an entire floor of his home dedicated solely to the gadgets and different toys. His hot wheels collection is an absolute love!

John Abraham

No! We are not talking about the bikes here!

Everyone is fully aware of his love for bikes. But other than that, the actor also loves collecting helmets. Apparently, John Abraham has a different helmet for each day. He loves shopping helmets and takes care of them as if they are his babies. You will find helmets of almost all brands in his home.

Taylor Swift

Who doesn’t love Christmas and Snow?

Taylor Swift goes one step beyond and loves to make snow globes. She is pretty well known for her love for DIY and home crafts. And her fans, friends, and family, love her gifts during winters, which are usually the snow globes.

First Published on: 22:18 pm - 6, Jan 2019
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