Kayaking is becoming a popular sport all over the world now. Many people take special trips to go on a kayaking adventure. And this love for Kayaking is also there among many popular celebrities.

A lot of popular personalities have their own inflatable kayaks, which they carry with them if they go on such a location for work. Even if not work, they also take planned trips to enjoy kayaking and boating. Here we will talk about few of those celebrities who love this sport like many other people in this world.

Donald Trump

Since Kayaking is such a popular and fun adventure, how can the top leaders miss this?

The president of United States, Donald J. Trump, is a popular guest for many kayaking tours. He loves to take adventures with different such tours, and never hesitates from tweeting about the same. In one of his tweets, he shared, “Just went on a tour with Door County Kayak Tours. They said I was the single greatest guest of all time – even with my tiny hands.”

Barack Obama

One of the greatest US presidents of all time, Barack Obama also loves to take out some time for kayak adventures. You will often find him enjoying a leisure time on his kayak on the still waters. Most of the times, he goes on to take a solo trip as well, just to have that feeling of kayak on the water.

But often, he is accompanied by his wife on a 2-seater kayak and both are seen enjoying the wonderful time.

Ellen Degeneres

The popular talk show host and comedian, Ellen Degeneres also enjoys little kayak adventures here and there. One of her kayaking pictures saw her along with her partner, the actress, Portia de Rossi, enjoying the paddling time on a 2 person kayak.

There are people who meet with accidents with kayaking. But there are also many who happen to avoid mishaps and have a fun time. Though almost every celebrity loves to kayak, you don’t really have to be one to paddle. Anyone can have a fun time with or without his own kayak. Just look out for kayaking adventures near you and start paddling soon.

First Published on: 00:05 am - 28, Apr 2019
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