To spend a couple of blissful and exciting hours, nothing can come as handy as online gaming. It not only delivers visual pleasure but also helps us to explore the strategic and constructive capabilities that we have. No matter which age-group you belong to and which class of the society you serve, online gaming can never be boring. Speaking about online gaming, you will find numerous celebrities who love to spend time playing some exciting online games. They already live quite a busy life and to get out of the working stress, they play some online games.

Samuel Jackson

This celebrity actor is famously known for his vibrant role in the movie named Pulp Fiction. This actor is known to be a gaming addict who has given his voice for numerous games like GTA San Andreas, Iron Man 2, Afro Samurai and many more. During his younger days, he played several captivating and popular games like Pong and space invaders. So, you can assume his affinity about playing the violent characters in the movies. Apart from the GTA series, Mr. Jackson also loves to play games like Fallout and the series of call of duty.

Jack Black

You have to acknowledge the fact that Jack Black is one of the hilarious actors on the screen. He has justified numerous hilarious roles in movies and also one of the celebrities who has provided some significant contributions in the video gaming industry. As per enews, one of his significant contributions in the video gaming industry is his starring in the game named Brutal Legend. This game is based on a hey-metal themed universe, which is again perfectly compatible with Jack Black. Thus, you can assume that whenever Jack Black is not acting, playing in his band, giving voice-overs or annoying someone, he is busy with playing games.

Mila Kunis

Apart from being a brilliant actress, Mila Kunis is also considered as a Geek. The combination of her geekiness and beauty makes her even more attractive. Also, many people don’t know that she is an ardent gamer and known to be a heavy World of Warcraft player. But, some rumors are conveying that she has recently reduced the amount of gaming. So, we can hope that she gets back to her gaming zone.

Hence, these are some of the celebrities who love to play online gaming.

First Published on: 10:39 am - 2, May 2019
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