PUBG today has become one of the most popular and widely played online games. Even some real competitions are being held these days in this game to award the best PUBG mobile players. While it has become extremely common among the masses, the celebrities are also not far behind.

There are many celebrities who have confessed to been addicted to this game. And why not? After all they are also just like the rest of us, right? Let’s have a look at who these celebrities are, who love playing PUBG.

Terry Crews

Terry Crews is a multi talented personality – an American actor, comedian, football player, activist, and so much more. But apart from showing talent on numerous such fields, he is also a huge fan of PUBG. It should not come as a surprise, keeping in mind numerous hobbies he has taken up.

Not just PUBG, he is an avid video game player, enjoying every such game to the core. He admitted in an interview that he loves playing PUBG with his son during his free time.

Neymar Jr.

He is one of the most expensive Brazilian soccer players of all time. Along with having love for soccer, he is also crazy for PUBG and loves playing the game during free time. Last year, he even requested the PUBG developers on Twitter, whether he could own his own server for PUBG.

Having such a huge request upfront, itself shows how crazy the star is for this game. However, such requests are unacceptable so far. It is currently not possible to own a personal server to play PUBG.

Demetrious Johnson

He is a professional MMA fighter. Along with fighting, he also loves playing video games of all kinds, PUBG being one of his favorites. Most of the time he is streaming online, playing the game along with his fans. This is one of his most favorite past times. He also loves interacting with people who share similar craze for the game.

First Published on: 22:22 pm - 24, Mar 2019
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