There is no doubt that the global car market is increasing at a rapid pace. But the passion for Vintage car is also arising among people at the same pace. People love to ride and take pictures with vintage cars. The cars which were seen in the 90s songs now could be seen with celebrities like sportsmen, actors, and businessmen. Some crazy celebrities’ love for vintage cars do not let them sell their vintage cars.

Today in this post we will make you aware of three such celebrities whose old cars would sell for a lot if they sell them. Scroll down to know about them.

Ben Affleck

Three Academy and Two Golden Globe award winner, Ben Affleck is an American actor, writer, producer, and screenwriter. He is very fond of vintage cars and has many such cars in his collection. Ben Affleck generally is seen with his old car Chevy Malibu SS. He usually goes to play poker in this car. Once his Chevy Malibu SS got stuck on the road and did not start. And Ben Affleck waited for one hour during repairing work. It shows his passion and love for vintage cars.

Nicolas Cage

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage is very fond of sports bikes and old cars. Who can forget him in Ghost Rider series with a burning bike and burning skull. There are more than a dozen cars in Cage’s collection. Most of them are old cars and maintained well. has a full on-road history of such vintage cars, where a person can also download a REVs check report for the old used vehicle. A decade before, Nicolas bought Lamborghini Miura SVJ in $500,000. If Cage sells this car today, he will get more than $1000,000.

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson is an English actor, comedian, and screenwriter. He is popular for his extraordinary performance in Mr. Bean. Commonly, Atkinson is seen in Audi A8, but his love for old cars is unpredictable. He has a variety of old cars in his collection, which also includes 1952 Jaguar. This car is available to only few selected persons in the world, and Rowan Atkinson is one of them. He never thought to sell this car because he considers it his life journey. It is difficult to predict what amount would Atkinson get if he decides to sell the car.

First Published on: 12:55 pm - 25, Jun 2019
Author: author image Anurag Sharma
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