Instagram is a channel where people share the happenings in their life and sweet and sour memories through the photographs. And since it is growing so much in popularity, even businesses have also started promoting their products and services here.

If we talk about the celebs, Instagram has become one of the most preferred platform by many. And since people can peep into the real lives of these celebrities, they have also got a humongous following behind them. Here, I will list down some of those celebs which are highly popular on Instagram throughout the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Well, when we are talking about Instagram ruler, Cristiano definitely makes a competitive player here as well. And he is the one who enjoys the maximum following on Instagram, having around 149 Million followers. This soccer sensation has the capabilities to stay in headlines all the time. Be it for any controversy, or his sport, or his lifestyle. Ronaldo definitely enjoys maximum followers on this popular social media platform.

Plus, how can you even rule out his killer looks and dashing style. I would give some credit to his looks as well for enjoying such a huge followership. With his qualities and looks, Cristiano Ronaldo has today become a household name everywhere.

Selena Gomez

Selena can be rightfully called the queen of Instagram. She has one of the highest following among all the celebs out there. There are around 144 Million followers of the singer on this platform. And the reason for the same is her music, acting, and her high profile relationships. Gomez has become a role model for many.

There is a huge social media growth for artists like Selena Gomez, when you become an inspiration for people. And probably that is why she enjoy a huge fan following, specially among the girls.

Ariana Grande

This is another singer which is one of the top most celebs on Instagram. She enjoys around 139 Million followers on this popular photo sharing platform. Due to her quirky personality, yet great love for her fans, she is one of the queens here. Ariana very frequently updates her Instagram channel with her posts from travel and singing, thereby sending her fans into a wonderful spree.

These were the top 3 celebs on Instagram in 2018, which hopefully will continue to enjoy the maximum followership the coming year as well.

First Published on: 21:50 pm - 21, Dec 2018
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