Though Bollywood stars are normal people only, yet they hold the power to make a great impact on the people. That is the reason why they also feature in numerous advertisements, promoting the products of various companies. Besides promotions, in their daily lives as well, they have become a source of inspiration and following due to several reasons.

One of those reasons is their clothing. People have a great liking towards copying the dressing style of their favorite actors. And what better and easier than taking up their t-shirts? You can easily find out what brands they get from, and can get yourself one if you really love that.

But if you like some t-shirt, it is not necessary you need to buy the original one from the show room. You can also go for t shirt printing with the favorite quote of yours, and get as many good colorful t-shirts as you like.

Here are some of the cool and amazing t-shirts worn by Bollywood Stars, which were surely loved by a lot of people. You can consider these too, if you are going for t-shirts of your own.

Varun Dhawan

Released while promoting Sui Dhaaga: Made In India, this t-shirt worn by Varun Dhawan is made under his own clothing line “Dhawan & Only”. You can easily get this t-shirt online or in the stores under the name of his clothing line. For sure he won the hearts of millions with this t-shirt of his. And people of India definitely loved this t-shirt more than anything else.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is he star of today. No matter how much strange his clothing is, he is still one of the most beloved and handsome hunks we got in Bollywood. This Jack & Jones t shirt which Ranveer Singh is flaunting coolly, definitely made a great trend and rose craze among the people. Also, you must admit here, that he is looking extremely gorgeous in this tee and jeans from Jack and Jones.

Sushant Singh Rajput

No matter how colorful and patterned t-shirts come out in the market, black will never go out of trend. In the above picture, Sushant Singh Rajput is looking extremely dashing and dapper putting on that black v-neck t shirt. Though you can clearly imagine his well built abs under that t-shirt, yet it would suit you fully well even if you do not have those abs.

Black is the most loved color all over the world. Whether you take into account black t shirts, or black dresses worn by women, black will forever be in trend.

First Published on: 01:24 am - 3, Feb 2019
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