Well, Hollywood has covered every nook and cranny of subject matter, lives, incidents and inspiration to put into a film and there is a lot that the excellent directors have framed for us too. There have been beautiful movies with amazing concepts and approach, which teach us a lot about the lives of aspiring engineers and what science has laid out for us to perceive. There have been many over the years but here is a list of three movies from Hollywood that are worth your time if you want a window from your busy schedule-

Here goes the list –

Iron man

Yes, this one tops the list because of the sheer brilliance of Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. We know how he describes himself: A Genius, Playboy, Billionaire, Philanthropist who makes his weapons and stark industries are simply the greatest because he serves his country from danger. He built a suit of his own to protect Earth that involves mechanisms and high-tech engineering. This is one of the best examples of engineering in a Hollywood film. And you can find this movie on popular platforms like mkvhub.com as well.

October Sky

This one is based on a novel written on a true story where a Boy named Homer Hickam loves building rockets because he has a passion for it. Despite, his father’s wishes who wants Homer to become a Miner, he continues to follow his mission and becomes a rocket engineer in NASA. This is must watch a film if you are looking for inspiration to become an engineer or you are already one.

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One of the best Sci-fi movies ever made but this is nothing but more than a mystery and a thriller movie where the next and Ex-NASA pilots travelers to a few planets to figure, which can sustain life because Earth was starting to become inhabitable. The film has many physics involved, and the space enthusiasts will love the movie. From spacecraft engineering to the math of gravity, and the extensive use of Swiss machined parts, the entire movie revolves around calculation and science. If you take an interest in mechanics, physics and most importantly, astronomy, then this is the movie for you because it will certainly thrill your engineer brains.

The above-mentioned three movies are among the best movies that were made on science and conceptually a lot of engineering was involved within it. If you are having missing any movie in this list, then you should try to check it out to get the feels.

First Published on: 10:16 am - 15, Jul 2019
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