Hollywood movies from various different genres have become popular all over the world. Many sports genre movies from the Hollywood industry has touched the heart of people and earned an excellent amount of money at the box office. The work of the filmmakers has become so much popular that some sports movies have been nominated for Oscar award. In this post, we have enlisted the list of 3 Hollywood movies about sports which got Oscar nomination.

Chariots of Fire

The storyline of this story is set in the 1920s the United Kingdom which was divided on the basis of various classes and religions. It revolves around the two determined young runners who prepare for the 1924 Paris Olympics. One of the two runners is Christian who was born to Scottish missionaries in the Republic of China. For him, running is synonyms to worship God and the other individual, Harold Abrahams has issues related to class bias. Chariots of Fire was so greatly made that it was nominated for the Oscar award. It earned a huge amount at the box office and also received positive reviews from the audience as well as the critics.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire revolves around the life of a slick sports agent who exposes illicit practices in the company in which he works. Due to his attempt to prevent illegal incidents in his profession, he got fired and then he decides to open his own management firm but he faces a lot of struggle in getting clients. He only manages to get a single client into his new venture in the form of a single mother. With the passage of time, they face a lot of difficulties in getting their business work but the bond between them grows stronger with time. There are many incidents of soccer relay (축구중계) in this movie which could inspire a soccer player to play with high motivation.


Seabiscuit revolves around the life of a businessman who is suffering from depression because of his son’s tragic death. He along with a horse trainer, Chris Cooper decides to help Seabiscuit, a racehorse to win in the horse race. The movie highlights the struggles that the horse encounter in the beginning but ultimately manages to emerge as the most successful of all racehorses of that time.

First Published on: 19:55 pm - 31, May 2019
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