The industry of video games is growing so rapidly it may catch up with Hollywood revenues. Legendary movies like Star Wars, Alien, Scarface, Indiana Jones, and Spiderman have influenced a galaxy of worthy video game installments. But will we ever see so many movie adaptations of games? IndieGames.Download offered 3 franchises by independent developers that could look good on big screens.


Some games are reminiscent of good adventure novels, and Undertale is exactly the kind. The entire game was written, programmed, and published by a single person, Toby Fox. He even composed the electronic soundtrack alone. The result amazed millions of gamers all over the world.

Undertale is a profound story of a small kid who got trapped in the underground town full of various monsters. Of course, each of them is excited about the warm human stranger, but not all of them are as terrifying as they seem. The farther you progress, the more positive traits of monsters you discover. Eventually, it appears that there’s no need to fight and any conflict is solvable verbally.

Such a positive message together with unique, vivid characters could serve as a basis for a breathtaking fantasy movie in Guillermo del Toro or Tim Burton style. It can also influence other directors and writers to create original stories based on Undertale.

Hotline Miami

Action-packed movies will always be one of the most demanded genres for viewers from any country, including India and USA. Synth-wave-inspired movies and series gain momentum with such awesome pictures as IT, Drive, Stranger Things, Tron, and Blade Runner.

Hotline Miami setting has all chances to become a huge hit. Imagine a neon-noir 80’s-alike universe where violent gangsters, drug-dealers, robbers, hitmen, and corrupt politicians rule. Average people and their lives serve only as decorations for the massacre on the streets and inside secretive headquarters around the city. The nameless protagonist is an outlaw too, but his bloody war is only against people who are much worse than him.

Such an excellent synopsis could give birth to a jawbreaking action-packed film. By the way, the gorgeous soundtrack is ready as well as looks of characters, and the style of shootouts. The only missing element is the director who can tie these things together.


Firewatch is a thrilling story of an average American man from the ’80s who has a happy life with his wife. Unexpectedly, she starts to suffer from a mental disorder, and her parents decide to set the couple apart and take care of the poor woman. Seeking a way out, the man gets a job in the firewatch far from civilization to make a pause in his hard life.

The calm job gets interrupted by a series of mysterious events. Some strange people attempt to accuse the main characters of starting a fire in the woods by falsifying tapes with their conversations. It’s impossible to investigate what exactly happens because the fire destroys the entire forest and clues.


Creating a movie adaptation of a game is tricky and challenging, and a great game doesn’t guarantee an excellent title in the end. Hopefully, filmmakers will notice at least one of these games and produce excellent content like Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, or Silents Hill.

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