Power Ranger, the American entertainment franchise, has remained popular mainly for its television series. But the movies of the Power Ranger franchise also got the same popularity overseas.

Today in this article, we will make you aware of the three most successful Power Ranger movies which people are still enjoying on online videos streamlining platforms. Here is the list of some of those movies.

Power Rangers (2017)

Released on March 24, 2017, Power Rangers movie got the same name of the franchise. The film was a big hit around the world. Power Rangers was made on the budget of $105 million, and the film managed to earn a total collection of $140 million. The storyline of the film starts with a group of college goers. The members of the group have special superpowers. When an evil force tries to destroy people on earth, the group unites to teach the evil force a lesson. Power Rangers is an excellent film to watch.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)

This was the first movie of the power rangers franchise which projected a path for other movies. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was released on June 30, 1995. The film had introduced action differently for the first time in Hollywood. At that time film was made on the budget of $15 million and earned near about $60 million. The story of this film starts with a dropping of an egg on a construction site, and that egg is about to explode. The Rangers are looking for a super girl in the space who can confront the man behind the dropped egg.

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997)

Released on March 28, 1997, according to powerballsite, the film had earned $10 million worldwide. This film was released after the release of Power Ranger Zeo TV series. In this part, Power Rangers fight with an evil spaceman who is going to release Maligore from his volcanic imprisonment. This is a thrilling and action mixed genre film and one of the most successful films among Power Rangers movie series.

These were some of the popular and successful power ranger movies, which you must see if haven’t seen yet.

First Published on: 12:31 pm - 2, Jun 2019
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