Movies hold that undefined magic, where they can inspire you to do various things. Here we are talking about volunteer abroad.

Volunteering is not a difficult or unknown task. Various people have been volunteering over many years now. But there are few who need a push in order to bring out that hidden side of theirs. And for them, the movies do the task. In this article, we will mention about few of those movies, who have inspired people to take up a volunteering profession and start to volunteer abroas and make a positive impact on this planet.


This movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, is the best example of volunteering. Almost an NRI, Shah Rukh returns to India to work for little needs of the people of his village. Some of the tasks he carries out in this movie include teaching people, generating electricity, and so on. By watching him, many people felt that stir within themselves, to do something for their people.

Even if you can’t travel abroad to volunteer, you feel the need to volunteer and do good work for people around you too. And this movie has deeply moved the people to get up and begin changing the lives of others.

Pay It Forward

This is another great movie, released in 2000. In this movie, a young child comes up with an idea of doing good deeds for the whole society. Instead of returning a favor, he urges people to do good with 3 other people. And ask them to carry forward the chain. By paying it forward, he ensures that the whole society is benefitted.

This young love pushes people to reflect back on their own lives, and inspires them to take on this task themselves and help people. Now whether they volunteer to help locally, or travel abroad and volunteer, that is their own choice.

The Motorcycle diaries

This is the best example of a volunteer job. In this movie, 2 medical students go on a bike trip to remote location, where they volunteer to help people with their medical skills.

This movie not just inspires you to travel to different locations, but it also motivates you to volunteer for good work and make an impact on the lives of people.

First Published on: 00:03 am - 1, Apr 2019
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