Supplements are necessary after a certain point in working out and therefore if you are in the bodybuilding and fat burning process, then you will certainly require a few of these to set the tone in your shape. Just like regular bodybuilders, even celebrities take supplements like SARMS to flex and to remain fit. Sometimes these celebrities do it because they are required to and other times to sustain fitness. And following their footsteps, many other people have also started taking these supplements from sources like

Here are three famous celebrity workout facts to get inspired.

The three famous celebs to maintain their bodies using supplements –

Gerard Butler for 300

When the movie came out people were in awe of the body of Butler and he had to follow the rigorous work out session to achieve the shape. It is not only the work out session but also supplements played an important role where he had to cut down the fat and be pumped before the scenes. The internet was filled with things like “The 300 workout”, but Gerard had to work out a lot, and it would not have been possible without proper supplements.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor

His transformation is more interesting than the others because of his role in Thor, he had to gain weight. He had to eat a lot, and he lifted weights along with the supplements that he had to take. The supplements were unlike others because he gained weight for the role instead of shedding it. Earlier, we have seen Thor as a strong character with ripped abs, but for this role, he had to gain more weight.

Mark Wahlberg for Pain and Gain

Wahlberg had a lot to do with his weight, and for that, he had to work out and take proper supplements to gain weight. He is usually a big guy and always associated with bodybuilding. He had to eat lots of food at least 10 meals and the rest is the workout session and protein consumption which brought him in shape required to play the character in the movie Pain and Gain.

The most important part of your work out process is the timely consumption of supplements that should be done in limits. Even for these celebrities, there were calculated amount of supplements prescribed and they had to follow the dosages.

Therefore, one needs to have a good workout session and the right amount of supplement to develop shape.

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