One thing which Bollywood movies are most famous for, is its romance. There are just so many romantic Bollywood movies out there, that many people have even started cribbing against it.

But no matter how much a person cribs for these romantic movies, they will always find something in them that will inspire them in their own love life. There are so many lessons about love and relationships that these movies teach us. You get a good chance to ponder upon your own life and how you can improve your relationship with your loved ones.

And this is not just for girlfriend-boyfriend love, it includes all kinds of relationships, be it siblings, family or anybody else. Bollywood has given plenty of lessons for every relationship.

In this article, we have collected top 3 lessons that most of the movies teach us. It becomes very essential to keep re-iterating them in order to implement it in a better way.

Give attention

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Many times, people start taking the other person for granted. Even though that is not intentional, the other person surely gets hurt. So, one of the most important lesson you need to learn in your life is to give attention to all those whom you love. Send them small gifts occasionally, or compile some beautiful good morning or goodnight text for her . She or he is going to love this action for sure. Movies such as Fanaa are great examples for such kind of love.

Apologies won’t make you small

People bring their ego in their relationships, which is the ultimate cause of destruction. Even when you are not at fault, apologizing does not mean you are at fault. It simply means you value your relation more than your ego. Apologizing won’t make you small. It would only strengthen your relationship more.

And this is another great thought preached by many movies, Bollywood or Hollywood. Not just for a love relationship, asking sorry in family matters also helps strengthen your bonds.

Sacrifice and Win

Loving someone does not mean you have to own them at any cost. True love is when you let them go. If it is written in your destiny, no one can stop them from coming back to you. Sacrifice is the biggest step towards a win. The day you learn to sacrifice, you will start getting the best that is written in your destiny. Many Bollywood movies are made on this thought which give us a great inspiration to follow their footsteps. One of the biggest examples of the same is Namaste London.

First Published on: 12:09 pm - 3, Oct 2018
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