Are you a GoT fan? Probably you are because there is hardly any human on Earth who doesn’t love the series. And the most loved character of Game of Thrones is Sansa Stark, i.e., Sophie Turner.

The chances are that you too are a big fan of her or else you wouldn’t have been on this page. Well now that you’re here, take note of these three facts that you probably don’t know about Sophie Turner:

1. She began acting at a young age

A child usually takes time to complete his studies before entering into acting. However, Sophie was not such a kid. She was born on February 21, 1996, and she started acting in 1999, i.e., she was only 3 when she started acting. Surprising, right? Her early love of acting brought her to the Playbox Theatre Company at this early age. Although she didn’t get the chance to make her onscreen debut till she was thirteen, she began exploring her career in acting since a very young age.

2. Game of Thrones was her first work

Are you too in love with her acting in Game of Thrones as Sansa Stark?

Well, you need to know that this is her debut role. Yes, the role of Sansa was the big onscreen debut for Sophie that left every GoT fan surprised. When the filming of this world’s best series began, Sophie was just thirteen, although, by the time of its release, she turned fifteen. During a holiday in France, the thirteen-year old’s mother woke her up to the surprise that she’ll be playing the Sansa. Her stunning debut in GoT opened doors for various other parts.

3. She’s allergic to horses

Had it been a normal allergy, there would’ve been nothing to state. But the Got star being allergic to horses is something not very happening. Horses are an essential part of the show as they are pictured as the main source of transportation. However, Sophie has to deal with horses and her symptoms of the allergy until she’s done with her scenes near horses. The actress also carries an inhaler with her all the time, just in case she needs it! Fighting against this allergy, Sophie has made her name through Game of Thrones and now, she’s in notice of all Hollywood directors.

Surprising, isn’t it? The beautiful lady is making everybody her fan through her amazing acting skills. And probably that is why people are also going gaga over Sophie Turner bikini outfits. These were some of the surprising facts you definitely didn’t know about her! I hope you enjoyed reading about her as much as we enjoyed writing about her.

First Published on: 22:45 pm - 21, Apr 2019
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