Among all the things which a filmmaker considers for making a film, the location of a shooting enjoys a great value. There are plenty of awesome locations available all in the US which have been used to shoot movies by filmmakers. Also, the shooting location of a movie also plays a crucial role in receiving appreciation from the moviegoers. In this post, we have mentioned the 3 US cities which could be chosen to shoot movies by filmmakers.

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is the popular hub for Tv and film production as this place has many beautiful places to admire. Also, the environment, food, and historical architecture are the other popular reasons which make New Orleans a suitable place in the US for shooting movies. This place has a warm temperature which helps to shoot an entertaining scene in an excellent manner. Queen Sugar, The Big Short, and Treme are some of the films which have been shot in New Orleans in the US.


Phoenix is another US city which has become popular among filmmakers for its beautiful locations. There are many popular places in Phoenix which could attract filmmakers to shoot movies. Film Bar, Art Museum, Harkins Theatre, Science Centre, Civic Space Park are some of the places which moviegoers could admire. Phoenix Movers services effectively help to move stuff from one place to another in a professional manner and hence make the process of shifting very easy. FilmBar is one such entity which could be used to shoot as art theatre and bar. It is a wonderful place for the local arts scene and hence attract moviegoers on a large scale.


Chandler is located in the Arizona region of the United States and it is known for Ostrich festival. There are numerous artistic and historical places in Chander which increase its value. Hence, many filmmakers come here to shoot for their films which makes this place a suitable destination to shoot films. Chandler movers companies are also making a lot of progress which has helped to provide a quality service to its customers. The beauty of this city along with top-quality facilities simply serves the purpose for filmmakers to shoot for their films.

First Published on: 14:04 pm - 20, May 2019
Author: author image Piyush Chugh
Piyush Chugh is an established film critic, and Bollywood Trade analyst. He brings to you the latest box office news and collection updates.
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