The cinema audience have become smarter and cleverer than earlier. They like only realistic and factual movies. That is why Bollywood stars have started doing some stuff to present themselves practical among audiences. Initially, Bollywood celebrities had started to make or maintain physique according to their role demand, and then they go on to test their singing ability. But nowadays a new trend of familiarity with music instruments is getting viral among Bollywood celebrities.

The celebs mostly love to move their fingers on Piano keyboard and some are always keen to look for a good piano for beginner. Below are the five Bollywood celebrities who take Piano keyboard seriously.

Sharadha Kapoor

Sharadha Kapoor is a talented actress and singer as well. She was recently seen in Rock On 2 along with Farhan Akhtar and many others. Her role was that of a band member and her character required to play the piano. To look realistic with the piano she spent 13 to 14 hours a day to practice the piano. Even after the completion of the Rock On 2 shooting, she still likes capturing the piano keyboard with her hands.

Sushmita Sen 

The veteran actress, Sushmita Sen who shot various song with piano in her early movies, is still very passionate about the piano. She recently posted a video of playing piano with her two girls. And she mentioned that the tune she is playing was created by her 18 years ago. Sushmita added that she never learnt piano ever in her life, but loves this musical instrument very much.

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar is a real music instrument lover. He is famous for playing guitar and is called a rock star. Apart from the guitar, he also loves to play the piano. He uploads many piano videos on social media to show his passion for the musical instrument. Farhan appeared in Rock On, Lucknow Central, and MTV unplugged’s live gigs due to his passionate approach to singing and musical instruments.

Aamir Khan

After the release of Dangal, Aamir Khan’s on-screen daughter, Fatima posted some videos of Aamir Khan on social media where he was playing the piano. Everybody got shocked to see Aamir Khan with the piano keyboard, since many people were unaware of his love with the piano. Fatima also posted a picture of Aamir Khan while he was playing the piano and she gave a caption to the picture, “we didn’t know he could.”

First Published on: 23:59 pm - 20, Jun 2019
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