Gambling is such an addictive thing that it has not even spared the famous celebrities of the world. People start investing their money in gambling for fun but fall victim to it after some time. The addiction results from small wins and many luring offers from famous gambling companies. In this post, we have enlisted the names of 5 celebrities which could not resist investing their time in gambling. And some of them have got successful on a large scale while others fail to get the expected return from investing their money in gambling on various sports.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player loves to invest his time in investing his money in various games. However, his success rate is not that high and he has got disappointment in most of his gambling attempts. Jordan lost $165,000 in Atlantic City in 1993 and he is popular for playing poker but isn’t that successful in it. Some of his friends namely, Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley accompany him in gambling. People often say that he retired from basketball because of his uncontrollable addiction to gambling.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the professional boxer who has an interest in investing his money in sports betting. According to the media reports in January 2014, Mayweather placed bets of $10 million for Broncos to win the Super Bowl. He loves to place bets on a regular interval with an amount of $400,000 per sporting event. His ex-wife once confessed that she left $700,000 for him in order to place bets to recover his lost amount.

Ray Romano

The famous actor, Ray Romano had been facing a lot of trouble in his life because of his uncontrollable addiction to gambling. He even willfully admitted himself to be a former Gamblers Anonymous “patient” and revealed about his efforts to put a control on his bad habit. The addiction to gambling is not completely gone out of his personality which is why he gambles with fake money instead of the real ones.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is another celebrity who has fallen victim to gambling addiction. He used to spend $200,000 every weak to invest in various gambling games. Poker is one of the favorite game for him to place bets. Also, he loved to place bets on other sports betting. Charlie was so addicted to gambling that he even placed bets while rushing to the hospital for his daughter’s birth. He used numerous online casino sites such as CasinoTopp to place bets on various games.

Charles Barkley

The famous athlete, Charles Barkley also faced a tough time to deal with gambling addiction. He was so addiction for gambling that he once lost $10 million in a single night of blackjack. The situation became alarming for him when he lost $700,000 over one weekend while placing bets on the Super Bowl.

First Published on: 16:25 pm - 26, Apr 2019
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