Pets are known to be much more faithful than people are. And so, the love of people with pets is much more and dense.

When a celebrity loves a pet, he or she does everything in his hand to make that love reach masses. People become well aware of how those celebrities keep their pets loved and pampered. And besides this, the food they get, is also nothing ordinary. The pets of celebrities enjoy grandeur in every way, whether it is having shih tzu food, or going on vacations.

Here are some of the celebs who are known to love dogs or other pets to an extreme length.

Miley Cyrus

This gorgeous diva loves animals so much. And over the years, she has kept many animals as her pets. She has dogs, cats, pig and even blowfish. Miley loves to spend her time with her pets, and keep them pampered all the time. There is always someone at home to accompany them and play with them while Miley is out for her work.

Chris Evans

The Captain America is also no less. After saving the world from monsters, he goes back home to his loving pet. Dodger is the name of his dog, with whom he likes to cuddle up every time he comes back to home. Chris found the dog on some aisle, and immediately decided to adopt him in 2016. Since then, the 2 have been growing strong together.

Tom Holland

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The one popular for playing young spiderman in Marvel series, is also a great dog lover. He frequently shares his images with the dog on Instagram, which show how much love is there between the two. He has a female dog called Tessa, who he got in 2014. And till yet, he is highly obsessed with Tessa.

And this love is not just limited to Tessa. He loves all the animals dearly, even those who are stray. And he frequently visits the vet with the stray dogs if they are in trouble. Now this is called one such love!

Ariana Grande

This popular American singer is also no less in showering her love to animals. She dearly loves rescue dogs, and owned 9 of those in 2017. Whether they are currently with her or not, might be a speculative point. But her love for dogs is real and immense.

The Obamas

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are also extremely famous for their love of dogs. Their 2 dogs, Bo and Sunny, were used to continuously snapping due to their stay in White House. The Obamas were found spending their lot of time with their 2 pets while they ruled the country. And truly, even the little glimpses of these dogs were adorable.

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