Many actions heroes in the film Hollywood film industry have come out with their intense action skills which simply reflects the strong power that they possess. Such testosterone-fueled movies inspire us to achieve big in our lives after noticing the spirit of action heroes. They take big risks, show brave heart and save the world from evil people. In this post, we have compiled the list of 5 testosterone-fueled movies which would give you fitness goals and inspire you to achieve big in your life by taking high-level risks.


This is a story of 13 migrants who witnessed the breakdown of their truck in the harsh terrain along the US-Mexico border. Their journey to search for a better life becomes a struggle for survival when they heard the sounds of gunfire in the peaceful environment of the desert landscape. They were chased by a rifle-toting vigilante in the harsh desert terrain. Moises, the leader of the migrants showed courage and use his wits to deal to kill the merciless predator to save the lives of his group.


It is the story of a grieving investment banker Davis Mitchell, who lost his beloved wife in a car accident. On returning home from his work, he wrote a letter to the company to complain about a vending machine. Karen, a customer service representative picked up his phone and got impressed by his honesty. Davis, who was searching for a person to sympathize with him becomes friend with Karen and her son. Soon, he finds the kind of support in Karen’s company that he needed.

Hell or High Water

This movie revolves around the life of a divorced father and his ex-con brother who plan to rob a small bank in order to save their mother’s house from being acquired by the bank. However, they were opposed by a pair of Texas Rangers who are looking to catch them.

Deepwater Horizon

The movie is based on the true story about the death of 11 crew members as well as the worst oil spill incident in US history. The explosion of the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon in 2010 is shown in the movie.


This story revolves around the life of an industrious high school senior, Vee Delmonico, who wants to live his life in an exciting manner. So, he joins a popular online game called Nerve which completely changed her life. In this online game, he faced adrenaline-fueled competitions which made her perform dangerous stunts.

These were some of the movies that would really hike up your testosterone levels and would provide you with the much needed fun.

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First Published on: 14:20 pm - 16, May 2019
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