Love technology? Love virtual reality? Well who doesn’t. Virtual reality is one of the best gifts of technology that we are enjoying today. Virtual reality gadgets take us to another world, and one should experience it in all its glory. Having the right devices can make your experience what it meant to be, amazing. Complement your VR headset with the best VR gadgets, listed here, to relive the experience to the utmost level.

1. Virtual Reality Treadmill

You heard it right, there are VR treadmills developed to better your virtual reality experience. VR treadmills are new in the market that’s why there aren’t a lot of competitive products from different brands. Virtual treadmill lets you have a 360-degree experience, it allows movement in every possible direction, it has realistic force feedback, it can detect height, angle and speed of your movements to capture right reaction. Pair it up with your VR headset to have a more than amazing experience. Also, you can check out RealNewWorld to learn more about virtual reality and augmented reality.

 2. Reactive Grip VR controllers

You can take your virtual reality gaming experience to a whole new level with reactive grip VR controllers. Imagine you are taking a slingshot and you can actually feel the stretching that you do. And that’s not it, reactive grips let you feels all the impacts of your physical activities like twisting, bending, lifting etc. Most of the games have guns, the reactive grip will take your real action on the gun and give its virtual effect. It tries to you a sense of control over your hands exactly the way you have it in the real world. There’s nothing more to ask for. Let the gaming begin.

3. Virtual Reality Chair

Virtual reality doesn’t always have to be about games. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a boat or a roller coaster ride sitting in a chair. Virtual reality chairs are here to serve the purpose. Its biggest benefit is that it saves you from motion sickness and prolonged standing and still let you enjoy your virtual reality. It is said to be best suited for playing a racing game, as you will get the feeling of being in a racing car, you can also control the speed with pedals present in some VR chairs. If you are into racing games, then this one is a must for you.

4. Virtual Reality Gloves

As the name suggests these are gloves designed for capturing hand and finger movements and generate respective action in the virtual world. Using your hand movements like carrying, touching, picking, throwing etc. can bring a lot of gentility to the virtual reality world. Interaction with the virtual environment is made more realistic and captivating with the sense of touch VR gloves are constantly evolving with new features like force feedback, accurate motion tracking etc. to give you ultimate experience.

5. VR Camera

VR camera facilitates virtual reality photography which are very popular now a days. VR photography is basically capturing the panoramic wide-angle view as a single image, as well as videos creating an all-round view. In simpler words, it allows a person to take 360-degree angle view of anything from one apex point. So, it tries to immerse one in the virtual world with the sense of sight, as one feels being at that exact place, looking around in all directions and getting the exact view. If that’s not virtual reality, I don’t know what is.

These gadgets are sure to make your virtual reality experience an unforgettable one. Your need for a complimentary VR gadget will depend on how exactly you make use of the virtual reality. Once you are sorted on that, give them a try and you won’t complain. As they say, when you do it, do it right.

First Published on: 12:56 pm - 11, Jun 2019
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