The high-budgeted Hindi film, Adipurush, arrived at the box office last week. After its first week’s run, it has disappointed the audience to a great extent. Though the movie crossed the mark of ₹100 crores over its first weekend, Adipurush’s first week collection narrates a different story.

In this post, I have thrown light on the film’s performance till now. Sadly, the way it has fared in the theaters is not at all impressive. Without further delay, let’s discuss what went wrong with it.

Film’s First Week Earnings Hints Box Office Failure

Before the film was released, I was expected for its box office journey. And I even predicted it to reach new milestones in the history of Indian cinema. However, nothing happened like that and the film received negative reviews as well as response, especially from its Hindi audience.

Yes, Adipurush indeed hit the theaters with a bang and it received a good opening of ₹35 crores. But the weekend growth was not satisfactory as it didn’t grow at all on Saturday and Sunday. You can imagine how painful it is for the filmmakers to digest it.

Adipurush Movie Still

The poor weekend story wrote the story for the weekdays. And the film saw big declines in its business on the weekdays. All of it has resulted in a less-than-expected first-week box office total for Adipurush.

Poor Show on Weekdays After a Good Weekend Collection

In the first three days, Adipush collected ₹105 crores which gave it a good push (despite the poor weekend growth!). On Monday, the film declined by around 75% and earned just about ₹7.80 crores.

The poor show didn’t over on just the fourth day as it again witnessed a big drop on Tuesday. And it took its 5th-day collection to ₹4.75 crores. After such a kind of performance, it would have been unfair to expect it to do well on Wednesday.

Adipurush movie still

And the film performed exactly on Wednesday as it again saw a fall of about 35% to land near ₹3.25 crores. What different could you expect it to do on Thursday? The story will remain the same and it leads to a decent value for Adipurush’s first week collection.

Actually, the film hasn’t managed to meet the expectations of the audience. Especially the Hindu people have objected to the way the Ramayana has been presented in Adipurush.

When a religious film like this tampers with the storyline, it hurts more than normal films. And it doesn’t just spread negative word of mouth for the film but also spoils its brand value greatly.

In the first seven days, Adipurush has just collected ₹125 crores. Though it is not a deadly disaster this kind of performance is not what the audience or filmmakers expected from a film like this.

Seeing its box office fare in the first week, the film isn’t going to recover at all. And it will show a further decline and it is just likely to cross the mark of ₹10 crores in the second week.

So, this is all about Adipurush’s box office collection for the first week. I will update you on this subject with more collection posts. Till then, keep visiting BOTY for the latest updates from the film world.

First Published on: 16:16 pm - 22, Jun 2023
Author: author image Piyush Chugh
Piyush Chugh is an established film critic, and Bollywood Trade analyst. He brings to you the latest box office news and collection updates.
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