Aiyaary hit the theaters at the time when the strong holdover releases, Padmaavat, and Padman were doing well. Also a new film Black Panther arrived at the box office this Friday to present a stiff competition. Let’s see how much justice Aiyaary manages to do with the audience. Also, we will discuss the good and bad elements in the movie.

What I liked about the movie:

  • Manoj Bajpayee’s Performance: Like always, Manoj Bajpayee delivered exceptional performance and carried the film on his shoulder alone. His dialogue delivery and expressions were simply top class. Also, the actress Rakul Preet Singh played her part well.
  • Songs: Although there was only one song in the movie, it was a good tune.
  • Cinematography: The choice of locations was very good, which fills the film with views of scenic beauty. The cinematography of the movie was excellently done.

Aiyaary Movie still

What I didn’t like:

  • Slow, boring and lengthy: Aiyaary is a test of patience and not for masala lovers. The slow speed of progressing and long length of the movie turned it into a boring cinema.
  • Too Intriguing: One thing that spoils the mood of the audience is too much complicacy in the movie. A lot of secrets piled up in the first half, which made it difficult for the people to comprehend it effectively. And in the second half, more mysteries associated with the movie and left the audience confused and frustrated.
  • Poor Script: By watching the trailer, one might declare it a good film but a different story was portrayed on the screens. The script was not at all interesting hence failed to indulge the audience. The first half of the film created the suspense but then it was all messed up after the interval. It failed to match the standard of previous films of Neeraj Pandey.
  • Actors not utilised properly: Only Manoj Bajpayee’s role was of significant importance in the film. Experienced actors such as Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah were not utilised properly. Also, Sidharth Malhotra needs to work on his acting skills to make it count in his future movies.

Hence, to conclude this discussion we can say that Aiyaary fails to impress the audience and is not likely to get positive word of mouth from the audience. The poor and needlessly intriguing script of the film spoils it completely and it did not amuse the moviegoers. A little pace in the film could have made it interesting to watch. Hence, our overall rating for Aiyaary is 1.5/5.

Meanwhile, let’s see what other critics are saying about the film.

First Published on: 11:43 am - 17, Feb 2018
Author: author image Piyush Chugh
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