How many of you dream of getting clicked with your favorite celebrity? You are not alone in this if you do!

I am sure almost everyone wants to click a selfie or a photograph whenever they see someone popular, just so that they can brag about that in front of their friends. Has anyone of you got that opportunity yet?

Well, this Instagram user has! He has actually lived the dream for eternity, which many people can only imagine, with his photoshopping skills. Going by the account name, “unseenfriend”, this person is photoshopping himself with different celebrities and posting the pictures on his Instagram account. No wonder he has got so many followers in just a short span of time.

And I am sure he did not buy Instagram followers to get to this number. His talent is really praise worthy, winning him such a huge following.

Dream vs Reality

Most of us only get to dream getting clicked with our favorite stars. But this person has made that dream into reality. By finding stunning pictures of different celebrities from their Instagram accounts, this “Unseen Friend” is placing himself in the photo frame and sharing the photo love on his social media handle.

His Instagram bio reads, “Just an ordinary guy who is Bollywood’s Favorite Friend. I post pictures which my celebrity friends and the media won’t show you.” Here is the link to his profile, which you can check out and enjoy. You would definitely not regret it even 1%.

The person is so talented that you would not be able to tell the difference in the image clearly. He has attached himself to the photos so closely and perfectly, that everyone has broken into a laughter riot following his photo love. And once you start checking out his profile, you would not be able to stop yourself from visiting every photo that he made, and laughing even more till your stomach aches. Such news and information is always entertaining, no matter how many times you go through them. So make sure you take a visit to his profile definitely.

First Published on: 22:34 pm - 20, Jan 2019
Author: author image Bhavya
Bhavya is BOTY's Sr. Journalist who has done a lot of research over the years on Bollywood. She loves to write latest news and movie updates.
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