Arundhati is a rare Telugu movie which is basically a women-centric film. Along with an excellent storyline, the technology used in this movie is amazing. Anushka Shetty is the hero of this film. She has played dual roles with the same name. On the other hand, Sonu Sood has essayed the character of a violent villain. Overall, it’s a nice dark fantasy horror flick.

Anushka as Arundhati

Since it’s a female-oriented flick, Anushka has brilliantly essayed both the roles given to her. The movie starts with the preparation of Arundhati’s marriage. Meanwhile, she comes to know about her look-alike past generation whose name was also Arundhati. Gradually, the movie moves to the past narrating the story of Arundhati who was commonly known as Jejemma for her bravery. She was praised by this name after killing evil Pasupathi & saving her kingdom.

The second part of this film starts with the second Arundhati who is now aware of the achievements of the first Arundhati. When she comes to know that the evil of Pasupathi still haunts the kingdom, she decides to repeat the past & finish him. The movie ends with the victory of Arundhati.

More about this film

Apart from the content of this film, the technologies used are superb as well. The director, Kodi Rama Krishna has done a great job with Anushka & Sonu Sood. Sonu Sood’s performance as a villain is excellent. Other actors like Manorama, Deepak & Satyanarayana have also essayed their characters very well.

Music director, Koti has done a great job by providing such an awesome background music. The cinematography, visual effects & graphics used are too good. Sometimes in between, it will make you remember some hit Hollywood series with great visual effects. It’s a visual treat to watch this film in theatres.

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