This Friday, Bank Chor has been released all over the country. But it has scored very poor ratings from every Critic. People acquired a strong disliking for the film and hence it stands extremely low chance at the box office. Let’s see what the top Critics have to say about the movie.

According to Raja Sen, from NDTV, the movie fails to be funny throughout the entire plot. The characters and plots were set, and the movie could have been more amusing, if only there were enough punches in the film.

Nihit Bhave from Times Of India says that this movie has been just like any other bank heist movie from the past. It gave very much resemblance to Dhoom franchise. A better-planned script or a few dry runs on the current script might have assured its success.

Sweta from Hindustan Times writes that even though there were some twists in the movie, they failed to last long. The script was plain and lame.

According to Shubhra Gupta from Indian Express, the movie does pick up excitement, but near its end. But until that time, the movie becomes too much to tolerate. The actors could have done a better job, given their capabilities are excellent.

There is no chance that Bank Chor will be considered as a good comedy movie at all.


First Published on: 21:36 pm - 16, Jun 2017
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