Over the past few decades, Hollywood has fascinated us with a variety of out of the box thought out movies. Hollywood has taken the science fiction genre to a very high level. One such example that most of us like to watch is that of the apocalyptic movies. Many of us love to see End of the World Movies. The thrill, the suspense, the camera effects, and the fight for survival are all the factors that make such type of movies so worthwhile. And all of us can agree that Hollywood makes the best apocalyptic movies, or best doomsday movies, if you may.

Are these movies bad for kids?

Some people are generally of the notion that there is so much violence in these kinds of movies, so they are not good for kids. But that is not entirely true. While these movies do have some violence, they also give you so much to learn. These types of movies, if watched carefully, can give you little shards of knowledge about rocket science, about different theories of the universe, about robotics and much more. Also, many movies have a lot of humor involved too. So one should not think of such movies as movies packed with violence but as movies that transcend you into another dimension that is filled with adventure and thrill.

So at any time you get bored or feel like you have nothing important to do, just sit down, search for the best apocalyptic movies, download the movie of your choice or watch it online. Don’t ever invite boredom into your house.

Best Apocalyptic Movies

BOTY has selected the best of all such films ever made. Here are the top 15 best end of the world movies of all time:

So this was the list of top best apocalyptic movies ever made. We will keep adding more movies to the list as we feel they are good.

We can clearly see that these movies have made their own space in the film industry. Although not many such movies are released frequently, we can still watch some of these again and again. Hence the scarcity is not felt much. Other than the end of the world movies, BOTY also has movies of some other genres which could be of great interest to you. We have compiled a list of best serial killer movies for you. Just browse the list, pick one to watch and have fun.

First Published on: 11:28 am - 8, Jan 2018
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