Bholaa has completed its 2nd weekend run at the box office and its earnings is somewhat in the average range. The film only managed to earn around ₹60 crores over its extended first week. It was expected to earn strongly in the theaters over its second weekend.

But Bholaa’s 2nd weekend collection didn’t reflect its stronghold at the box office. Though there were a few new releases, those were not major ones. And despite the Good Friday holiday, the action-thriller movie didn’t fare well in the theaters.

After its 11-day journey on the big screen, Ajay Devgn’s film has collected a sum of ₹70 crores in its pockets. And it is not a very good number considering the presence of big names in it.

Poor Growth Over the Second Weekend 

Given the kind of film Bholaa is, it should have fared better than its current performance in the theaters. However, it didn’t come and it only witnessed a little growth on its 9th day. And the growth on its second Saturday was also not impressive.

Bholaa’s second Saturday earnings only reached at ₹3.91 crores with a jump of just 11% from the second Friday. On the second Sunday, the movie repeated its average show and it settled a little above ₹4.5 crores.

As a result, Bholaa’s 2nd weekend collection reached over ₹10 crores. And it took its total collections of over ₹70 crores.

New Releases Limit the Screen Count for Bholaa

The release of new films at the box office limited the screen count for Bholaa. Also, being a dubbed film, Bholaa didn’t manage to appeal to the audience as its better version was already seen by it.

The new release “Gumraah” didn’t show much competition for Bholaa as it earned around ₹ 4 crores over its first weekend. And the other two Hollywood releases, The Super Mario Bros Movie and The Pope Exorcist also fared poorly with net collections standing around ₹1.50 crores and ₹1.25 crores respectively.

Holdover Release ‘John Wick 4’ is a Hit Film

The Hollywood film, John Wick 4, has turned out to be a hit at the box office. Unlike its earlier parts, this movie has performed well and it has collected over ₹43 crores until now. It is likely to cross the mark of ₹50 crores at the end of its theatrical run.

So, this was all about the box office collections of the movies namely, Bholaa, John Wick 4 and Gumraah. I will come up with more box office updates once they are out.

First Published on: 14:14 pm - 10, Apr 2023
Author: author image Piyush Chugh
Piyush Chugh is an established film critic, and Bollywood Trade analyst. He brings to you the latest box office news and collection updates.
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