When it comes to Bollywood Movies based on social issues, not all of them are good. Yes, making a movie on social issues is super cool, and there are high chances that the movie will be a hit, but sometimes the opposite happens.

Do you know why? The Indian audience is versatile. Some of them only like entertainment movies, while others are more into artistic movies like Lunchbox.

So, does it mean that Bollywood movies based on social issues are a waste of time? Not at all. Social issues are sensitive topics, and you cannot show the masala. Those movies are supposed to depict life and society in their most true forms.

Do you have any movies in mind? I have 4 movies in my mind. Actually, these movies actually shook my mind. I started looking at life and society differently.

There are thousands of movies that you can watch, and the latest movies of Akshay Kumar are based on social issues. I really like the movie Rakshabandhan which was based on the Dowry system in India.

When her sister died, I was crying in the corner. But some movies did a spectacular job. Here they are – 

1. Darlings

Oh my God! This is the best movie that I have ever seen. Have you ever thought about a marriage, a love marriage turning into the worst nightmare? Badru faces the same thing. The reason why Darlings is one of the best movies based on social issues in India is the element of Dark humour.

The story is as follows – 

Badru is a Muslim woman living with her Alcoholic and abusive husband named Hamza. She tried her best to preserve the marriage. Getting bitten by her husband daily, absorbing all the negativity that he throws at her.

Darlings movie still

But one day, her patience ran out. Badru and her mother decide that they will teach Hamza a lesson. Her mother sets up the plot, and Badru starts torturing Hamza the way he did to her.

The police got involved, but they couldn’t find any clue. One night, Badru was about to kill her. But it was the moment of self-realization. She realized that she was becoming like her husband. Therefore, Badru frees him.

However, he died the very next moment. In the end, we come to know that Badru’s mom also killed her father because he was abusive to her. Badru is seen as free and happy at the end of the movie.

The movie tells the story of millions of women who are suffering from domestic violence and how violence can almost give birth to a criminal. 

2. Article 15

An entire village was involved in the murder of two girls. Yes, you have heard it right. One of the best performances of Ayushman Khurana, Article 15, is one of the top hard-hitting movies that will make you question morality and the lost roots and ethics of India.

Article 15 Movie Still

Ayan, a police officer, was appointed to investigate about two girls going missing in Uttar Pradesh. Later, the two girls were found dead.

Meanwhile, the officer was going through discrimination in the village. He was frustrated by it. But another problem was waiting for him. As soon as he tried to investigate the murder, other police officers stopped him and kind of twisted the case.

Ayan knew that something fishy was going on. Witnessing more murders and more terrible incidents, he came to know that the officer he was with the whole time was one of the murderers and rapists. 

Article 15 in the Indian constitution talks about no discrimination on caste, color, etc. But this movie shows that in some parts of India, the article doesn’t work.

3. Masaan

Tu kisi Rail si guzarti hai.. Main kisi pull sa thar tharata hu. Gosh, one of my favorite songs is from this movie. The excellent cast includes Richa Chadda, Vicky Kaushal, Pankaj Tripathi and Sanjay Mishra.

Masaan Movie Still

The movie narrates two stories. The first story is about two lovers being caught by the police while they were having private time in a hotel room and were threatened. The guy committed suicide, but the girl and her father have to bear everything.

Starting from giving the police officer a huge amount of money to bear the bad words of the people. 

Another story is about a man who burns people in the Shamshan, But one day he sees the dead body of her girlfriend, and he burns it.

Later, the two reunited. This movie shows how someone’s greed can destroy one’s life. How small loopholes in society can make someone die.

Moreover, this movie got international praise too! The director couldn’t believe his eyes. So, why don’t you watch it now? It’s available on Netflix.

You will start living every moment of your life after that.

4. Ramprasad Ki Tehrwi

I was traveling when I saw this movie. Trust me, from that day, I stopped being a workaholic. The story is about the family of Ramparasad, who are trying to find ways after the death of their father.

Ramprasad Ki Tehrwi Movie Still

The mother is there watching the strange selfish nature of the kids she loves so dearly after the death of Ramprasad, who was a music teacher. The entire family gathers.

But some untold truths get revealed, like a loan of lakhs. The children who are married and parents too refused to do so and said that the father must have been involved in some bad deeds.

The mother then took out a diary that shows how many loans he took to provide them with everything that they wanted.

It also shows how the current work system has broken many families. It reminds me of a similar movie called “Good Bye.” 

These two are both Bollywood movies based on social issues and movies based on life lessons. Do you know what the mother did after all the children left in just 13 days?

She turned her old house into a music school. 

Wrapping Up

So, which movie are you thinking of watching first? If you want to see something self-motivating, the last one is the best. If you don’t want anything too sad, Darling is waiting for you. 

Bollywood movies are great at portraying the complexity of relationships. Manmarziyan is something that I would highly recommend. It would give you a whole new point of view on relationships.

So, always consume the good in Bollywood.

First Published on: 11:50 am - 30, Mar 2023
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