The craze for bikes is prevalent all over the world, not just with the Bollywood actors. But relation between some actors and their bikes is so fascinating, that it has become the talk of the town most of the times.

I am sure after reading the title of the post, John Abraham would be the very first name that came to your mind. And why not? His love for bikes is known all over the world, let alone his Indian fans. While men love to ride the motor bikes, kids find themselves happy with just the dirt bikes. Although these bikes are common among children only, but even adults also love to ride some nice fancy electric dirt bikes.

Here, I am listing down some of the popular young Bollywood actors along with their sports bikes.

Varun Dhawan

Bike – Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Bullet is LOVE when it comes to bikes. Maximum people show off their bullets to the world with great pride. And just like everybody else, even Varun Dhawan also loves his Royal Enfield Bullet 500 to the core. His bike has been given a custom paint job, and is not the regular Bullet you will find in the market.

Varun Dhawan is the latest celebrity in the list to have love for Royal Enfield.

Ranbir Kapoor

Bike – Harley Davidson Fatboy

When we are talking about bikes, how is it possible that we don’t mention Harley Davidson? Ranbir Kapoor also shares similar love for his Harley Davidson. The actor is known to have great love for the cars. But along with the numerous models of car, Ranbir also is a proud owner of this Harley Davidson.

Ranveer Singh

Bike – Ariel vintage motorcycle

In the movie Lootera, you will find the actor riding this Ariel vintage bike. He fell so much in love with that bike, that he expressed his wish to own one for himself. And that is when this 1970 bike was finally gifted to the beloved actor of today.

First Published on: 01:20 am - 9, Jan 2019
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