We all believe in hard work to pursue a successful career. Whether a person is an actor, doctor, engineer, teacher or scientist, astrology works for everyone and it takes a hardworking person to reach such a position where everybody admires to go. Some Bollywood film stars believe in the horoscope and they daily follow the routine of astrology. Vedic astrology firmly believes that the position of the planets and stars at a particular time also plays an important role. At that particular time, you can put your whole effort and experience on a task to make it memorable. Scroll down to know about the Bollywood stars who have used horoscope in a perfect way in their career.

Amitabh Bachchan

The icon of Bollywood has worked in hundreds of super hit films, and had faced a tough time when his company ABCL went bankrupt. There was no film, no money, and no company with him except a million legal cases against him. He even got police notice for recovery of his house. But how this all changed and made him rich once again? It was Amitabh Bachchan’s belief in gemstones that have astrological significance. He started wearing a gemstone during his tough days and this gemstone of Emerald, Blue Saphire, and Opal give him celestial help and support during his trials and tribulations.

Ajay Devgn

Bollywood actors and actresses are famous for adding or deleting letters from their names to bring a golden time for them. They consult with numerologists to get advise. Ajay Devgn who was earlier known by Ajay Devgan, also changed his name during All the Best film that did well at the box office. Ajay publicly believes in Vastu Shastra, yearly horoscope and stones. Dropping a letter from his name is working well for him.

Salman Khan

Everybody knows about the superstar’s turquoise stone bracelet that has become his style statement. It was gifted by his father Salim Khan 16 years ago. Till date, Salman Khan is not seen without it. Salman Khan has never expressed its astrological significance publicly but he calls it simply his lucky charm. The turquoise stone contains cosmic properties and it also saves its wearer from evil till death. For Salman Khan, this stone works for his career where he has given back to back many blockbuster films. This bracelet can also be seen in some scenes of his movies.

First Published on: 21:47 pm - 27, Aug 2019
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