With the increasing camera quality of smartphones today. everyone is becoming a great photographer. But it is not the mobile phone skills which make a person popular, it is the essence and shots they capture from the professional cameras, that bring the people into notice.

Just like in any other field, Bollywood is also full of some amazing photographers. Every film not only needs directors, actors, producers, and musicians, it also needs some great photographers. They are NOT the sidekicks. It is these photographers only that help promote a movie or a star by doing the photoshoots.

And there are some great photographers in this industry on which most of the stars rely upon. Here are few of them.

R Burman

His Bollywood journey started with Vogue India, and today he is recognized among one of the best Bollywood Photographers. He has worked with big and major brands, such as West Side, Maybelline, GO, etc. R Burman also got a chance to capture some of the major celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Lisa Haydon, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui with his camera.

Suresh Natarajan

Born in Kerala, Suresh started his journey as an assistant director in many movies. Along with direction, he also has a keen hand on photography. And he has captured beauties like Aishwarya Rai with his camera and gained recognition.

Daboo Ratnani

This is a popular name among many celebrities. He is popular for the calendar shoots which amaze the entire world. One shoot with him is worth around Rs. 50,000. And just because of his excellent mastery over the lens, the Bollywood stars happily pay such a price.

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First Published on: 11:46 am - 1, Dec 2018
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