Release Details Not a Holiday Release
Released on Friday
Not a Holiday Release
Released on Friday
Not a Holiday Release
Released on Friday
First Day20.3719.0736.31
First 3 Days/Weekend63.2852.3493.16
First Week95.3771.42133.6
Second WeekendN/AN/AN/A
Second Week31.1111.4135.38
Third Week10.711.137.45
Domestic Total14085179
WorldWide Gross Total370188343
All Figures in crore rupees

Shah Rukh Khan is without a doubt one of the biggest stars of Bollywood. But some might say he hasn’t been really successful as compared to other top actors in last 3 years. So we decided to compare and analyze SRK’s last 3 Major releases and how they have fared at the box office.

Happy New Year was a typical Bollywood Masala Comedy directed by Farah Khan and was essentially a Multi starrer film with Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani & Sonu Sood in important roles. It performed the best out of these movies and had the most positive acceptance rate by the audience.

Dilwale suffered a clash with Bajirao Mastani, and it fell short at the domestic box office. Still, the star power of SRK helped the film earn a respectable figure.

Fan was the first SRK movie in a long time to not go past 100 crore mark. We believe the reason for that was very less promotion and almost no hype. Not much buzz was created for this film. This was quite shocking considering the movie was a YRF Production.

And the Winner of this Box Office Battle is: Happy New Year

Result Analysis:

Happy New Year set a few records, earned the most money and was liked by more people. So there is no debate on which movie won this box office battle.

Special Notes:

Things could have been slightly different if Dilwale did not release with Bajirao Mastani.

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