Release Details Not a Holiday Release
Released on Friday
Not a Holiday Release
Released on Friday
First Day1.72.77
First 3 Days/Weekend1010.65
First Week18.5415.48
Second WeekendN/AN/A
Second Week20.13N/A
Third Week12.08N/A
Domestic Total6116
WorldWide Gross Total9722
All Figures in crore rupees

Both the films have been women-centric, featuring Kangana Ranaut as the main lead. Both have done a phenomenal job, no doubt in that.

Queen was released in 2014. It became the 1st major hit of Kangana Ranaut’s entire film career. Nobody had expected the kind of collection a Kangana Ranaut film did. It had received lots of appreciation from the critics and the audience. It focuses on how a girl is dumped just before her wedding and how she decided to go on her honeymoon alone. Staying back home to lick her wounds was not an option for her. The journey she then embarks upon makes Queen the kind of self-discovery storyline that made it extremely popular among the youth.

Recently, another major movie in her film career was released, Simran. Even though it is also a women-centric film and features Kangana in the lead role, it failed to garner as much attraction as Queen. Simran was no Queen, but it definitely is something to watch. It has nothing extraordinary to offer, just a simple movie more like a conversation.

And the Winner of this Box Office Battle is: Queen

Result Analysis:

Women-centric films don't do good business in film industry. With the making of Queen, Phantom Productions proved otherwise. The journey she takes after being dumped a day before wedding, proves to be a motivator for all the girls who have faced such situations. As the 'Queen of hearts', she comes off believable. Hence Queen is definitely a winner.

Which one is your favourite?

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