Konidela Sivasankara Varaprasad, popular as Chiranjeevi, is a megastar in the South film industry due to his immense contribution to it. Prominently active in the Telugu film world, he is famous as an actor and film producer.

Thanks to his successful journey in the entertainment world, Chiranjeevi’s net worth has skyrocketed to a great level. Not just his film career, the Tollywood actor also gained the limelight as a politician. Hence, it helped him gain notoriety and popularity.

Born on 22 August 1955 in the Mogalthur village of Andhra Pradesh, Konidela became serious about acting from an early age. So, he dived into the acting world after completing his education in commerce.

Initially, Chiranjeevi joined the Madras Film Institute in 1976 and then he went on to grab new acting roles consistently to create history in the film arena. His acting career has majorly contributed to scaling up his fortunes.

Chiranjeevi in Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy

Today, he enjoys a great wealth that he derives from his movies, luxury cars, private jet, property and other assets. I will throw light on his per-movie salary and other sources of wealth creation in detail.

So, keep yourself glued to this post and learn about the various sources of earnings the Telugu megastar enjoys. Let’s begin!

His Income from Box Office Career 

Ever since Chiranjeevi stepped into the movie world, he has ascended to the top with his exceptional piece of work. As a result, he hasn’t just gained popularity but also earned a great amount of wealth due to his work.

During his journey in the box office sphere, the Telugu actor has evolved in all aspects. And he transcended to Hindi, Kannada and Tamil film industries. I assume you can imagine the kind of effort he must have put in to reach the position he relishes today.

Start of Acting Career

In the beginning, Chiranjeevi got his first role in the film, Punadhirallu, whereas his first released film turned out to be Pranam Khareedu. The actor got popular among the Telugu audience with the movie, Mana Voori Pandavulu.

Chiranjeevi in Indra The Tiger Movie

He hasn’t just played positive roles but also taken part in negative roles as well. Fortunately, the year 1979 became a special year in his acting career as his eight major films were released this year.

In the subsequent year, the actor was a part of 14 films. Some of the film names released during these 2 years are Mosagadu, Ranuva Veeran, 47 Rojulu, Nyayam Kavali, etc.

Chiranjeevi’s first major role came in the film, Intlo Ramayya Veedhilo Krishnayya (1982). And he started getting successful from here which pushed the actor’s net worth greatly.

The actor became a part of the films namely, Subhalekha and many films such as Sitadevi, Tingu Rangadu, Idi Pellantara, etc. Regarding his fame in the Telugu film industry, he got it after he appeared in the movie, Khaidi.

Shankar Dada MBBS Movie still

And subsequently, he gave many hits at the box office and the list includes action films. Other names of his successful films are Goonda, Challenge, Hero, Adavi Donga, Raja, Vijetha, Rakshasudu, etc.

Commercial Success and Boost in his Total Wealth

Chiranjeevi got a boom in his box office career in 1987 as he starred in many successful films. Due to this, he also got many best actor awards that boosted his overall popularity. During this phase, he also witnessed a hike in his net worth at a great pace.

It was his willingness to experiment with the works that made him a versatile actor. And moviegoers really enjoyed his acting in the films such as Mogudu, Manchi Donga, Hagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari, Gang Leader, etc.

Due to his extensive participation in social cause films, Chiranjeevi got popular in the mass circuit. And it also allowed him to enter Bollywood. His lead performances in Hindi films are Pratibandh (1990), Aaj Ka Goonda Raaj, Aapadbandhavudu (1992), etc received applause from critics and audiences.

Chiranjeevi in Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy

Chiranjeevi didn’t stop there as he delivered many wonderful films at the box office. After a small gap, the Telugu actor made his entry with the movie, Indra for which he received Nandi Award for Best Actor in Telugu. In the early ‘2000s, the actor starred in movies namely Stalin, Tagore, Shankar Dada M.B.B.S, etc.

After this, the actor took a break from acting from 2008-16 but he made a comeback in 2017 with the movie, Kaththi. Last time, he appeared in the film, Acharya and he is going to be a part of the movie, GodFather, which is yet to release in theaters.

His Salary Per Movie 

With his intense efforts and acting talent, Chiranjeevi has earned a big name in the Telugu film industry. And today, his per movie salary has reached a whopping value in the range of ₹50-100 crores.

Given the kind of performance he delivers, his fees per movie will increase further. Hence, it will lead to an increment in Chiranjeevi’s worth. His acting career extended up to 4 decades plays has helped him gain awards and fame.

His TV Career

Not just films, Chiranjeevi has also proven his mettle in the TV world. It is evident from his flourishing TV career. He started his TV journey with the game show, Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu, an adaptation of Kaun Banega Crorepati in the Telugu language.

His Earnings from Brand Endorsements

Chiranjeevi would be the brand ambassador for many brands like Thumbs Up before he entered politics. Also, he became a brand ambassador for the tourism industry.

Chiranjeevi in Stalin Movie

Recently, the actor was chosen by the Subhagruha Real Estate Group as a brand ambassador. And Emami also appointed him the face of its brands to promote its products.

It is his immense popularity that helps him grab amazing deals from different brands. Therefore, he sees a hike in his total wealth and worth.

His Political Career & Businesses

Thanks to his mass appeal, Chiranjeevi turned politician in 2008. He came up with his political party, Praja Rajyam Party, in Andhra Pradesh. In 2011, his party merged with the Indian National Congress. And it led to his swearing-in as the Union Minister of State, Ministry of Tourism, GOI.

However, he started maintaining his distance from politics since Congress’ defeat in 2014. After the closing of his Rajya Sabha tenure in 2018, he hasn’t been seen in the political world. However, his followers ask for his return to politics and he recently ruled out his re-entry into the political arena.

Apart from the political world, Chiranjeevi also runs many businesses. Also, he is the co-owner of the Indian Super League club Kerala Blasters FC. It reflects his wise investment tactics as the actor has a major stake in this franchise.

Considering his success in the business and political worlds, he derives a good amount of wealth from these two segments.

Megastar Chiranjeevi Owns High Worth Luxury House & Property 

Chiranjeevi’s success due to his acting career has helped him earn a good amount of wealth. And like a wise investor, he has put his money into creating more valuable assets. As a result, the Telugu star owns a luxury bungalow in Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills.

Chiranjeevi in Stalin Movie

Though he doesn’t love to show off his wealth, his royal house costs around ₹30 crores (as per reports). In addition to this, Chiranjeevi Konidela also has a luxurious farmhouse to his name in Bengaluru.

The actor hasn’t revealed the actual cost of his farmhouse. However, given his royal look, it is fair to assume its value to be in the multi-crore range. Clearly, his property worth has a significant contribution to Chiranjeevi’s total fortunes.

Chiranjeevi’s Luxury Assets Adds to his Total Wealth 

Chiranjeevi owns many luxury assets such as luxury cars and a private jet. Let’s delve deep into this in detail below.

His Luxury Car Collection

The actor has nailed the acting world for over four decades. During this time, he earned a whooping sum of money and made investments to gather valuable assets. For example, Chiranjeevi owns luxury cars that level up his overall lifestyle. Here is the list of luxury cars he owns:

  • The Rolls Royce Phantom (worth ₹ 9 crores)
  • Range Rover Vogue (worth ₹ 1.2 crores)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser (₹90 lakhs)
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG G Glass (₹2.5 crores)
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage (₹2.95 crores)

His Private Jet

It takes a lot of effort to own a private jet for a person. In the film world, only a few actors own a private jet. Chiranjeevi is one of them. He uses it to travel with his co-stars and for his film promotions.
Stalin Movie Still
Roughly speaking, his private jet’s worth stands around ₹200 crores. Apparently, it also is a significant contributor to his overall wealth.

His Total Net Worth 

So, now you know that Chiranjeevi has multiple sources of wealth creation that level up his total net worth. His royal houses, luxury cars, private jet, businesses and movie career are among them.

Adding the wealth he derives from these sources, Chiranjeevi’s total net worth in 2023 stands around in the range of ₹1800-2000 crores. In US dollars, it is about 2400 million dollars. Compared to Nagarjuna’s wealth, Chiranjeevi’s fortunes are nearly double.

Evidently, it’s not a small value and that is what makes him one of the richest actors in the South film industry.

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