Pramod Chakravorty

Pramod Chakravorty

Pramod Chakravorty was a film producer & directors whose most of the films were hit. Out of almost 20 films, only four of his films were the flop ones. His success chart includes most of the super hits. Since all his film names cannot be written here, BOTY has generated a special column for Pramod Chakravorty Movies which includes the full list of his films.

Born on: 15 August, 1929
Age: 93 Years
Age: 0 Years
Movies Found on BOTY: 13

Pramod Chakravorty Movies

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More About Pramod Chakravorty

Ziddi, Jugnu, Azaad, Warrant, Dream Girl, Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai are all Pramod Chakravorty movies. He was one of the established filmmakers who has delivered more than 15 hit movies out of almost 20 films.

We can say that 4 out of 5 Pramod Chakravorty movies were hit. Well interestingly, the director has delivered only 4 flop films in his career. Apart from working with almost all the renowned actors of that time, he has made many movies featuring Hema Malini & Dharmendra together.

The director made his directorial debut in 1958 with the thriller 12 O'Clock. BOTY has created a separate list of Pramod Chakravorty Movies which includes the names of all his movies. Check out your favorite ones.

Pramod Chakravorty - Personal Stats

Age0 Years
BirthplaceWest Bengal
Current CityMumbai

Career Stats

Total Movies13 Movies (in BOTY Database)
Debut Film12 O'Clock
Debut Year1958
Highest Grosser:Barood - ₹5 Crores
300 Crore Club0 Movies
200 Crore Club0 Movies
100 Crore Club0 Movies