Raj Khosla

Raj Khosla

Raj Khosla was one of the finest directors from 50’s to the 80’s. He was the one to introduce dark movies to the Hindi Cinema since black & white times. Also, he was known as the women’s director. In most of the movies, he showcased the actresses at their best. BOTY has created a column for Raj Khosla Movies which includes all his movies. Go & check out your favorite ones.

Born on: 31 May, 1925
Age: 97 Years
Age: 0 Years
Movies Found on BOTY: 16

Raj Khosla Movies

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More About Raj Khosla

Raj Khosla is best known for his movies with Dev Anand. The director is even credited for making Dev Anand a Superstar. He is best known for his films like CID, Woh Kaun Thi?, Mera Saaya, Dostana & many more. During the time from 50's to the 80's, Raj Khosla movies were the most famous.

Furthermore, he was the one to introduce dark movies which were full of sinister. Since the black & white times, he started making such films. Also, he was well known for showcasing female actors at their best. For this, he was commonly known as women's director.

Initially, the director worked as a singer for All India Radio. He was a trained classical singer. Later, he joined the film industry as a director. His music sense reflected in his movies as well. BOTY has created a list of Raj Khosla Movies which includes all types of films made by him.

Raj Khosla - Personal Stats

Real Name:Raj Khosla
Age0 Years
Current CityMumbai

Career Stats

Total Movies16 Movies (in BOTY Database)
Highest Grosser:Dostana - ₹4.5 Crores
300 Crore Club0 Movies
200 Crore Club0 Movies
100 Crore Club0 Movies